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    On Wednesday, August 3, 1994 at 8:29:16 PM UTC-7, Stuart David A wrote:
    mi...@flowbee.interaccess.com (that stupid club) writes: >cs9...@assn030.cs.ualberta.ca (Stuart David A) writes:
    Heh... I suppose if you REALLY hated her, you could tape a peice of paper over
    the spot that she pops up on. ;)
    Hmmmm... Okay, I taped a picture of Winona Ryder in that spot, but cut
    out the lips so I could still see her speak. Somehow, a Winona Ryder with >green lips saying, "Only one more..." is kind of sexy.
    Hahahah, now THAT's creative. ;)
    Has more than 'only one more' to give Winona!
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    LOL wtf?

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