• The new systems! Which do you think is best?

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    Rather self explanatory. Assuming all the systems come out at announce price and on schedule (otherwise NO UNINFORMED "THERE WILL BE NO U64" RANTS), which system coming out do you think will be the best? Remember to include current and announced SOFTWARE, and not just hardware.

    Have fun:

    Awierdo, Orchid's Boyfriend :)

    SEGA failed miserably. The problem was that the software is what drove system sales, SEGA didn't realize this. They treated SEGA of America like a foster child and treated their hardware arm (in Japan) as the favored child.

    The public gravitated to the systems with the most popular and most available games. Sony won those rounds because the underlying API was oriented towards the needs of the developers.

    I think SEGA of America was also a poorly run company, embroiled in many employee lawsuits. I an guessing/joking if you were a lawyer at SEGA of America, you stayed employed until even today.

    I think if people really understood what went on there, they would have zero sympathy for SEGA. But not-withstanding. The SEGA systems were inferior, because of the API and the lack of software titles. Entirely the fault of SEGA as a company.

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