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    "Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a massive

    Ladies and gentlemen, permit me to introduce you to Michael Keith
    Slifker (DOB 09/06/1968) of Orlando, Florida. He may be better known
    to you as BiffsGamingVideos on YouTube.

    Michael (or Biff) likes to doxx people whose opinions he may not agree
    with. Unfortunately, one of the people he recently chose to doxx was
    Albert Yarusso, owner of the atariage.com website. Albert has done
    more to help both the Atari and general retrocomputing / retrogaming communities than just about anyone else, and Biff's bizarre attack on
    him has not sat well with a great many people.

    Believing in turnabout being fair play, we're doxxing Biff (Michael
    Keith Slifker) in return. We're also chronicling his actions in this
    regard so that everyone can understand the type of pathetic little
    low-life he really is. Everything we're publishing about him here is
    available in either public records (thank you, Orange County, Florida
    court records) or through Google searches.

    But first some background.

    There is a thread on AtariAge dedicated to typically
    less-than-complimentary discussion of the new AtariVCS console
    currently in development. It's often referred to as the 'That
    Ataribox' thread, and, for the curious (warning: it's over 500 pages
    long at the time of this writing), it can be found at the following URL:


    Biff popped up in the thread in 2017. His mission seemed to be
    twofold: one, to annoy and insult anyone who didn't share his favorable
    opinion of the device; two, to promote his own games that he was
    "working on" as possible candidates for the platform.

    (Incidentally, Biffy's games can be found at
    http://www.slifkergames.com/ . They're all made in Unity and are about
    as laughably amateurish as you'd expect.)

    Over time, Biffarino's inability to respectfully disagree with others
    built to the point where the forum admins banned him from the thread.
    He could still access the rest of the forum, but for the sake of not
    having to deal with his bizarre rants and self-promoting behavior he
    was eighty-sixed from the That Ataribox thread. This made the regular participants in that thread happy, and he was quickly forgotten.

    It should be noted that there was also a separate pro-AtariVCS thread
    going on in parallel. Biff continued to participate in that one,
    largely for the sake of - again - self-promotion. That thread can be
    found at the URL below (and is only at about 22 pages compared to the
    That Ataribox thread):


    Since he was booted from the That Ataribox thread, the ol' Biffster
    went and did what all cheap trolls who think that they're smarter than
    they actually are do: he signed up a sockpuppet account on the forum
    under the name 'SupremeEnchanter' and began posting from it. This is
    pretty much a giant no-no as far as the forum rules are concerned, but
    we'll come back to that.

    Half-time summary: at this point, we have a narcissistic man-child who
    can't play well with others and is setting himself up for some truly
    stupid and avoidable failure.

    On or around August 22, 2018, Reddit user 'WhereTheIDivides' started a
    thread in /r/AtariVCS called, "Should Atari shut down the ROM pirate
    sites?". In that thread (now edited to remove the doxxing that took
    place), WhereTheIDivides dropped the personal info of Albert Yarusso on September 6th, 2018.


    This filtered over to the That Ataribox thread on AtariAge, where a
    user there noticed this and brought it to the attention of the


    September 6th, 2018, just so happened to have been Biffington
    McBiffface's 50th birthday. One can only assume that he chose to
    celebrate the big day by being a complete tool, and failing at even
    doing that.

    The mistake that Biffy Wan-Kenobi made regarding his identity was a
    simple one: he chose the username 'WhereTheIDivides' on Reddit. This
    happened to be the same username he posted in a Yahoo! mail address to
    a thread on AtariAge where he was selling some Atari 2600 cartridges:


    Unsurprisingly, this led to the immediate perma-banning on AtariAge of
    both the 'BiffsGamingVideos' and 'SupremeEnchanter' accounts. It also
    led to a slew of reports to moderators on Reddit regarding his threads
    and accounts.

    Now, at this point, a smart person might realize that they're not going
    to win this one and just stop. But, no, Michael Keith Slifker just had
    to keep going. He signed up another sockpuppet account, this time on
    Reddit, under the name 'AlbertYarusso' and began creating threads
    purporting to come from the real Albert Yarusso.


    We're guessing that El Biffo Guapo has now gone into some form of
    hiding where he's trying to pretend that he never actually did any of
    this, and, even if he did, it was someone else's fault. He's not real
    huge on living in reality or taking responsibility for his own actions.

    Anyway, it was stated earlier that turnabout is fair play, so let's get
    on with that, shall we?

    Michael Keith Slifker
    DOB: 09/06/1968
    Resides in Orlando, Florida

    He's had two home foreclosures: one in 2009 and again in 2014. These
    can be found via the Orange County, Florida courts.


    It's believed that he currently resides with his parents (Peter and
    Colleen) due to the inability to manage his personal finances that led
    to these foreclosures. Way to go, 50-year-old guy! Their address is:

    701 S. Solandra Drive
    Orlando, FL 32807

    Please do not harass or bother his parents. Even though their kid is a
    total failure at life, he is an adult and as such they're ultimately
    not in control of his man-child online behavior.

    Known Online Aliases:

    Biff Malone

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-m0bnaYXMWfLG3cLwhaitw http://www.slifkergames.com

    As far as can be told, Biffany has never been married and has no kids.
    Not really surprising, though, and the nonexistent kids are better off
    that way than having him as a parent.

    He likes poker. In fact, he likes poker so much that he came in 49th
    in a 2013 2013 World Series of Poker tournament that netted him a
    whopping $1567! Guess it wasn't enough to keep up the house payments
    into 2014, though.


    There is more dirt on him, but, honestly, much of it's not worth really
    digging into (though some is being held onto). And for all of the unwarrantedly high esteem in which Biffareena holds himself, he's a
    pretty boring guy when it comes down to it. Clearly, traffic tickets
    just aren't all that exciting, though he is pretty good at getting one
    about every three years or so. Ordinary, dull, and self-aggrandizing.
    So very, very pathetic.

    Our appreciation for staying with us to the end. We hope that you have
    found this entertaining and informative, and have a better overview of
    the type of person that Michael Keith Slifker is. Nobody should have
    to deal with him without this knowledge, and we felt duty-bound to
    present it.

    Until the next time,

    - The Michael Keith Slifter Fan Club and Uncomfortable Personal
    Information Dissemination Bureau.

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