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    I've heard that Panasonic or the 3DO company have some deal with Williams
    for exclusive rights to their past, present, and future arcade games. I
    am also aware that Sony made another deal to be the sole producers of MK3 until 96'. If 3DO cannot produce MK3, why aren
    aren't MK1, MK2, NBA Jams, or any others being made now. I for one was
    never satisfied with any home version of MK, and a flawless conversion on
    3DO would easily tide me over for what I hope to be Ultimate MK3.
    NBA Jams is already out on Playstation and Saturn, what's the deal with

    There was some talks of it, and after twenty years some of the source was released (probably all that was ever made) It was observed that it was a possibility that the Saturn iteration of UMK3 and the PSX iteration of MK3 began with this code, and was
    already established and kept hush hush for the 3DO



    The reason why the developer revealed so little at the time, as speculation mind you, is that the big dogs (Sega, Sony, Nintendo) would hike royalties to them if they knew specific versions of the game were being crossported to other consoles, especially
    smaller marketshare consoles like the 3DO. Obviously the 3DO was struggling by this hour, so the obvious measures were taken.

    It's the reason why so many different developers were used over the span of MK3/UMK3/MKT (GT Interactive, Williams, Avalanche Software, Midway themselves (N64). I mean let's be honest, MK3-MKT was a cut and paste job with fighters and levels onto an
    existing construct. Console companies were lowballing developers and fighting for their pieces.

    Mortal Kombat may had never been that popular to gaming enthusiasts at the time, but not many games existed where the brand was sought after as much as it was across the many different hardware platforms. It all certainly resounded with me during that

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