• Why get Magazines??

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    On Wednesday, December 20, 1995 at 1:00:00 AM UTC-7, nick@nite wrote:
    With the exception of Next Generation, I wonder why anyone on this
    group would waste money on game magazines at all. They are so hype
    happy it's disgusting. Also, as their reviews go, most of them are
    just a reprint of the description on the back of a game box. I have
    found that the best criticism and information tends to show up on
    the web pages run by the manufacturers and fans and in the articles
    posted on news groups like this one. Next Generation is the only Mag
    that seems to give mature, hype-free reviews without a lot of bull.
    It seems that they have stepped on some toes in these groups but not
    because they are biased, but because they are objective. Sometimes the
    truth hurts.

    The magazines at the time were useful, despite the inherent bias that would come along with moving money in the gaming market, when Internet access was still not easy to obtain, or at least logistically relied upon for good information.

    Once the Internet became a bit more mainstream in the very late 90s, you saw a lot of even the top magazines struggle. As of 2016, I can't recall ever seeing a gaming rag at the stand these days. That goes for any other tech magazine. There's just no
    money in those publications anymore.

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