• Fright of an arcader's lifetime!

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    On Thursday, February 2, 1995 at 9:58:22 PM UTC-5, David Jakovac wrote:
    On a recently completed trip to Australia, the land of beautiful sun,
    surf, and women, I had one of the more shocking experiences of my life.
    I must admit that I'm quit an avid arcade goer though it's more of a
    hobbie to get away from the monotony of work then a place I spend a great deal of time.

    The first thing I noticed when I arrived in Auz is the number of
    arcades they have there (almost literally one per 3 blocks in some
    places!) and was patting myself on the back knowing that if there was any down time I could most certainly pop into one of them and proceed to
    trounce any competitor I encounter (sure I was cocky, I was in pulsating
    heat while the rest of my cohorts were wallowing in snow back home, I
    felt good).

    Thus the time came when I was able to get away and venture into one of these neon emblazoned dungeons to spend some of this new-fangled currency that I was lugging around (they have $1 and $2 coins there). I was
    shocked to the core when I saw what awaited me within. Now coming from Canada I swore I'd NEVER pay more than 50 cents for ANY arcade game, no matter how good it looks. Here in Auz (are you sitting down?) every game
    was $1!!!!! I mean what you and I would spend a quarter to play there it
    was a dollar! The games which we'd spend 50 cents to $1 to play there
    would be $2 (since they have a $2 coin it's easy to implement)!!

    To finish a full game of NBA Jam (all four quarters) cost me $4!!!!!!
    I felt faint, I had to get out, where was that paper bag I had at lunch?
    I thought I was going to throw up! Needless to say I spent the remainder
    of my trip firmly planted upon my back at the beach soaking in the rays
    for a good tan as opposed to a neon induced one inside those money
    sucking hell holes!

    Just to note, all of the arcades I encountered in Auz were 'Timezone' arcades, I'm not sure, but can one have a monopoly in the arcade biz and
    end up charging whatever the heck they want? It appears to me that this
    was the case at least on the east coast (I travelled from Melbourne up to Cairns with all major stops in between and found nothing but Timezones everywhere). No wonder their as prolific as MacDonalds over there, they
    must be making a killing for there was no shortage of people in any of
    the arcades I visited!

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    Hello David,

    I've been researching the early bird quote "The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese" and came across it on your signature in this message. Can you tell me who the source of the quote is, and when you first heard it?
    Tracking down the source of quotes is a hobby of mine. Whenever I come across a quote that I like that has conflicting sources, I like try to sort out who the correct source is. Thanks for any information you can provide.

    Rolf Wandel

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