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    петак, 28. јун 2002. у 16:59:26 UTC+2, Kurt Koller је написао/ла:
    Hey all,
    With all the racket lately with spies partial demise and so forth, I laid
    out an ad-hoc coinop.org submission policy, and will build an easy way to submit information through the site at appropriate places. I'm also working on a way to make information much easier to find, rather than having to wade through directories that take forever to load.
    I would like to encourage anyone that's interested, who has submitted to coinop.org, or who would like to sumbit to coinop.org to read this and give me feedback:
    These are the guidelines that I plan on following from this point forward.
    I will be going over documents we already have (with the exception of newsgroup posts taht we've archived) and attempting to contact authors and get a yea/nea on inclusion. Anyone who has information that they created
    that is on the coinop.org site and wishes it not be included will have information deleted from the archive. Just contact me.
    Also, Mike at Centsible, contact me and I'll get you whatever you want.
    Kurt Koller
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