• Emergency Call Ambulance (Sega) Secrets???

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    On Monday, February 26, 2001 at 9:56:27 AM UTC+1, toohectic wrote:
    Ok... I posted this a while ago, but I figured I'd post it again just
    incase anyone has found anything.

    I've pretty much maxed out my score, but I'm still looking for one
    more special, and all four of the secrets. I just have no clue on
    what to do for the secrets.

    Anyway, does anyone know where the special on the 2nd level is? I have
    no clue! (It's where the announcer says "Good Job!") I know where the specials are on the other 3 stages, so if anyone needs any help, let
    me know.

    Also, does anyone know where the secrets are on each of the four
    levels? I can't find a single one of them.

    Any help is appreciated!


    The "secret" bonus is awarded when you cross the finish line with 0 "health" pts left on your counter. Please see http://www.albyhus2.se/_eget/ECA/#bonuses

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