• Former Clinton Adviser: 'Irretrievably Tainted' Trump-Russia Probe Shou

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    Former longtime Clinton confidant Mark Penn said the federal
    probe into Russian meddling during the 2016 election is
    "irretrievably tainted."

    "I spent a year fighting Ken Starr," Penn said of the special
    prosecutor who investigated President Clinton. "This [Trump]
    investigation had no foundation."

    He said it is based on what he called the "fruits of the
    poisonous tree."

    "This whole thing was corrupt," Penn said. "I don't think we
    should waste another year here [on this]."

    Penn doubted whether fired FBI Director James Comey was truthful
    when he said he didn't know nor care to know who paid for the
    Trump dossier.

    He said Trump's team is on defense and "they need offense."

    He suggested that the probe should be challenged in court so
    that the Trump team will have "full [legal] discovery" of the
    probe's "foundation."

    http://insider.foxnews.com/2018/04/27/clinton-adviser-mark-penn- rips-trump-russia-probe-fruit-poisonous-tree

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