• Tucker Rips Black Liar Joy Reid's Claims That Hackers Posted Homophobic

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    Tucker Carlson ripped left-wing television host Joy-Ann Reid for
    claiming some of her years-old blog entries rife with homophobic
    references, questions about whether ideological opponents were
    gay, and opposition to gay marriage were a product of hackers.

    "There's not a single fashionable opinion Joy Reid doesn't have
    or isn't happy to denounce you for not having," Carlson said.
    "But, she wasn't always that way."

    Carlson said that going back as far as 2006, Reid's blog made
    her sound very different than her ultra-liberal MSNBC host

    "She mocked gay people, people she thought were gay, and opposed
    gay marriage," Carlson said.

    Carlson said Reid lied about writing the posts, later claiming
    she was hacked.

    "[It] really sounds like an MSNBC segment," Carlson said of the
    storyline Reid has been forwarding.

    Carlson said Reid's explanations are "a crock" and that the blog
    posts in question have been archived by the Library of Congress.

    He said that means the posts would have to be retroactively
    hacked "12 years ago before anyone knew who she was."

    "You'd have to be a moron to believe it," he said, claiming that
    NBC News executives who have defended her story have their own
    record of "lying."

    He said that NBC was not on-the-level when they leaked the Trump
    "grab them by the [expletive]" tape to the Washington Post, and
    that they wrongfully "killed" Ronan Farrow's bombshell story
    about sexual predator Harvey Weinstein.

    Carlson said he understands that people's political views evolve
    as many of his own have, but that lying is an unacceptable route
    when presented with a troubling situation.

    Lying black whore.

    http://insider.foxnews.com/2018/04/25/joy-reid-anti-gay-blog- posts-scandal-tucker-carlson-rips-msnbc-host

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