• Wish I'd done better last year.

    From Drew Lawson@21:1/5 to All on Fri Mar 13 21:58:02 2020
    So, the COVID-19 restrictions, and associated panic shopping, have
    hit Ohio as of yesterday afternoon, when the Governor announced
    school closures.

    I sort of saw it coming, but thought it would take longer, expecting
    2-3 weeks. So I only started slow over-shopping this last Sunday.

    The store-bought pantry is okay, enough. The freezers (2 fridges
    & 1 small chest) are obscenely (by world standards) full.

    But the canned pantry is a case of seedy green beans, some dried
    basil, ~3 quart cases of pasta sauce, and 2 jars of precious
    garlic-dill pickle relish.

    We'll be okay in-house for a couple weeks. And with expected
    short-term supply restocks, should be okay longrer term (guessing)

    Given my backlog on canned pasta sauce, I'd planned on a small
    tomato planting (just for eating) this year. I'm strongly reconsidering
    that. And potting tomato seeds this weekend.

    I grew up in times of (from my perspective) pleanty (late '60s,
    early '70s), but was raised by Depression Babies. I long thought
    that my "that might be useful sometime" urges were disfunctional
    leftovers from all that.

    This week may have shifted that view. But no doubt my grand-kids
    won't get it. Until they have to.

    Alas, you can't home grow toilet paper.

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  • From songbird@21:1/5 to Drew Lawson on Fri Mar 13 23:10:46 2020
    Drew Lawson wrote:
    Alas, you can't home grow toilet paper.

    mullein and comfrey are pretty nice. :)
    dirt, leaves, grass, all will do if you must
    do do.


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