• Obama sissy "wounded" Marine vet says boss won't let him come to work w

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    An ex-Marine awarded a Purple Heart after being (TOO STUPID TO
    DUCK!) wounded in combat says his bosses won’t let him come to
    work with his trained service dog.

    “I was told by my supervisor that HR said that if I showed up
    with the dog I’d be fired,” Yaunce Long told Fox & Friends

    Long said he installs phone lines for Cincinnati Bell in Ohio.
    He has a service dog, named C4, to help him control anxiety
    caused by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He was
    diagnosed with the condition after a 10-year stint in the
    Marines in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was with counter-

    Long said that each day for a week he was sent home without pay
    when he showed up with C4.

    “Basically, they’ve treated the dog as if it's an option,” he

    Long said he has requested an accommodation under the Americans
    with Disabilities Act.

    “I’ve pleaded with the company,” he said. “I’ve gone through all
    the necessary paperwork. I provided everything that they asked
    for and I even followed up with them to make sure I had
    everything in proper order because I wasn’t sure of the process

    He said his application has languished for months because the
    company is stonewalling.

    “Despite repeated effort we have yet to receive any information
    regarding the current status of Yaunce’s condition and its
    effect on his ability to perform his duty,” Cincinnati Bell told
    Fox & Friends.

    http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/07/08/wounded-marine-vet-says- boss-wont-let-him-come-to-work-with-ptsd-service-dog.html

    Deer Yaunce, don't suck your dog's dick at work.

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