• Peanut executive faces life in prison for deadly salmonella outbreak

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    This would be the toughest sentence ever given for a food poisoning case.

    Stewart Parnell, former CEO of Peanut Corporation of America, could get a
    life sentence today in connection with a salmonella outbreak that occurred seven years ago, CNN reports.

    The outbreak infected over 700 people in 46 states with salmonella. Nine
    of the victims died, and others were critically ill, making this the
    deadliest outbreak of its kind in recent years. Michael Parnell, Stewart Parnell’s brother and food broker, could receive a 17-year sentence, and
    Mary Wilkerson, a plant manager, faces 5 years.

    Parnell was convicted last year by a Georgia jury of 72 counts of
    conspiracy, fraud, and other federal charges. Prosecutors argued that he
    knew about the salmonella contamination and, instead of trying to contain
    it, he covered it up and ordered the products to be shipped. They cited an email that Parnell had sent to a plant manager regarding the contaminated products in which he wrote, “Just ship it.”

    Health officials discovered repulsive conditions at PCA processing plants, including “roaches, rats, mold, dirt, accumulated grease and bird
    droppings.” They also found a leaky roof, which is particularly concerning since the presence of water exacerbates the growth of salmonella. Food
    safety experts compared it to “adding gasoline to fire.”

    This is the first time that an executive of a food company has been
    convicted on a federal level for something like this. Similar cases have
    been considered misdemeanors in the past. Bill Marler, a food safety
    lawyer, says that by considering this unprecedented statement “Our
    government seems to be sending a clear message that poisoning your
    customers may well land you in jail.”

    Another recent salmonella outbreak infected 285 people in 27 states,
    killing one. Marler filed a lawsuit earlier this month against Andrew & Williamson, the produce distributor that supplied the contaminated food products.

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