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    Affirm that you support these four points on your election literature and run for office under the “Republic” ticket. I believe that people should also have the right to innovate and place their own automotive creations on the roads but should be
    taxed for road construction and road maintenance. Somewhat similarly, people flying will have to pay for airport landing and storage fees should they choose to land at and fly from such facilities. Furthermore I believe people flying or driving their own
    creations should have affordable insurance available to them, and government subsidized if necessary. Governments should be giving people options and not taking options away.

    There are sure to be accidents and people will lose fingers or other appendages, these can be humorously pickled and placed on display as we should always make the best of our situation. Anyway Stalin was wise to give the students the option to build
    the composite Yaks, for those Yaks saved Russia from utter ruin.

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