• Ann Coulter is okay with Seattle getting nuked

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    I guess Seattle doesnít like Ann Coulter enough. She wouldnít
    mind us getting hit with a nuclear blast.

    Ann Coulter ? @AnnCoulter
    Gen. Michael Hayden: N Korea will make nuke capable of hitting
    Seattle! Situation will be dire as soon as they can hit a city
    worth saving.
    10:08 AM - 6 Apr 2017
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    What!? Coulter told me at the Republican National Convention
    that she thinks Seattle loves her!

    Rantz: Seattle is an incredibly progressive city and probably
    doesnít like you very much. I feel like it would be fantastic if
    you came out.

    Coulter: They love me in Seattle. And if they donít, they would
    if they got to know me. I suppose if youíre asking how to appeal
    to a liberal, this idea that Trump is some combination of Jesse
    Helms and Hitler, no he ought to be very appealing to swing
    voters and moderate voters. He isnít an extremist on all this
    stuff. Heís going to protect Americans. Thatís considered
    extreme apparently.

    They love you here, but youíre willing to throw us in the path
    of a nuke? That hurts, Ann.

    Not for long you little faggot.


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