• Mentally ill pro-homosexual Obama white house says Virginia TV shooting

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    The White House said on Wednesday that the shooting of two
    television journalists in Virginia is another example of gun
    violence that is "becoming all too common."

    White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters that Congress
    can pass legislation that would have a "tangible impact of
    reducing gun violence in this country."

    Earnest said he had not had the chance to speak with President
    Barack Obama about the shooting, which occurred Wednesday
    morning. Earnest said the thoughts and prayers of those in the
    White House are with those killed.


    Bullshit. This proves that homosexuals are a danger to society
    and all fags should be banned from possessing guns.

    Illegal alien muslim Barack Hussein Obama seizes on this tragedy
    caused by one of his mentally ill homosexual, black ardent
    supporters, to wave the flags for more gun control.

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