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    Here’s deranged TV Shooter Vester Lee Flanagan’s final close-up!

    In a bombshell world exclusive, The National ENQUIRER has
    obtained the graphic last photo of the former WDBJ-TV reporter
    who killed two of his colleagues on Aug. 26. The shootings were
    seen live on the air and shocked the world.

    The local news reporter, who had been fired from his station,
    killed reporter Alison Parker and her cameraman, Adam Ward, in
    an act of revenge.

    Vicki Gardner, the woman they were interviewing, was shot but

    Flanagan – who used the professional name “Bryce Williams” –
    then led police on a chase before the 41-year-old madman shot
    himself and crashed his car. He later died in a hospital.

    A source who provided The ENQUIRER with the gruesome photo
    explained: “I want the world to see what this b-----d looked
    like after he killed those innocent people.

    “The coward then took his own life rather than face the families
    of his victims. I hope he rots in hell!”


    Illegal alien Barack Hussein Obama seizes on this tragedy caused
    by one of his mentally ill homosexual, black ardent supporters,
    to wave the flags for more gun control.

    Wasn't this guy the victim of intense bullying and racism for years? Seems that is the real reason for the gun violence; the bullied just want a clear cut way to end the pain so they use guns. But guns are not the reason for all the violence. People are
    abused, raped, beaten, singled out, terrorized and what not --they are bullied to the point that they can't take it and they want to be done. We need to stop bullying and abusing people and the violence will go down. Guns are not the problem but mean,
    cruel abusers, bullies molesters, sociopath narcissists turn decent kind gentle people who are exploited into angry people sick of humanity because they have been beaten down. if there were a sociopath bomb that would wipe those people out, I would be
    all for it. The people remaining would be a more kind, gentle, peaceful bunch.

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