• Re: wolf range doesn't accommodate standard sheet pans

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    On Wednesday, July 21, 2004 at 4:49:57 AM UTC-4, Bill wrote:
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    my new 6 burner wolf range is great, except for one critical and disapointing thing: It is only 16 inches deep inside, so standard
    sheet pans (26 x 18) do not allow the oven door to close. I feel I
    have made a 4500 dollar mistake and hope this posting may prevent
    others doing the same.
    Sounds like you bought the domestic version of the Wolf range rather than
    the commercial range. The domestic version is designed to match the depth
    of standard household countertops so the ovens are not as deep as the commercial version. My suggestion is to revert to half sheet pans which are 18X13 and readily available.
    For what it is worth, commercial ranges are available at restaurant supply stores often much less $$$$ than the domestic range. The commercial ranges lack all the bells and whistles of the domestic range but will take a full sheet pan.

    Well, here it is 2023 and FYI, full pans still do not fit in a 36" Wolf. I can get one in the bottom rack if I flip the rack over. The convection fan protrudes into the oven. The counter depth Dacor that it replaced held full sheet pans on all 4 racks.
    The convection element and fan were not inside the oven. I have to say, this is very disappointing. The Dacor was a fantastic range, but in the 20 years we had it, something was always broken. It was the Jaguar of stoves. Great when it worked, but always
    in the shop. I never imagined that an $8,000 range would not hold a full pan. I now have 4 pans and will only ever use 1. FYI, you cannot put a commercial range in a home. The CO from the pilots is an issue. Plus, the additional 4+ inches of depth may be
    an issue for some,

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