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    Can anyone speak about personal experience with the home units,
    specifically the B-40 "Elite" model? If you own one and had it do
    again, would you?

    Follow-ups set to rec.food.equipment.


    never get your coffee products from keurig. The whole cup thing was an
    attempt to put DRM into coffee so your coffee machine bricks itself if
    you put a non-keurig branded cup into the machine.

    There is no benefit to the plastic cups. They just taste worse and
    create plastic waste.

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    Thanks for inviting more comment on this ancient thread!

    I often wondered whether the Keurig pods tasted so weak because the jet of water doesnt exhaust all the coffee in the pod properly. It 'jets' straight through it. But when I went to Europe I had a Nespresso unit in a houseboat in Amsterdam and it's
    coffee tasted fantastic! Although it seems to work on the same principle, for some reason it didn't not taste stale or weak at all!

    It may well be that none of the Keurig pod manufacturers use decent quality coffee or enough of it OR, possibly still they dont "exhaust" the grounds?

    (Curiously, I once had a Nespresso unit and it produced the same lousy stale coffee as the Keurig. I threw it away. THEN I went to Amsterdam!)

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