• Eco Friendly Kolan Bath Wipes for Medical & Health

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    Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Kolan Bath Wipes/Body Wipes

    These specially designed wipes are enriched with natural ingredients to
    cleanse and protect your skin. The Aloe Vera is soothing and great even
    for sensitive skins while the olive oil and vitamin E protect the skin
    from the harsh elements.
    Kolan biodegradable bath wipes are a perfect alternative to your regular
    water bath. The highly absorbent pre-moistened fabric moisturizes and deodorizes your skin deeply, giving it a long-lasting freshness. These dermatologically tested wipes provide refreshing and hygienic waterless cleaning to the entire body making them your ideal companion where water
    bath is not possible. It is 100% safe & suitable for all skin types. If
    you come across any skin irritation kindly discontinues its usage. It is
    made from 100% natural cellulose fabric and enriched with Aloe-Vera;
    Olive Oil &Vitamin E. Parabens are the group of compounds which are used
    in cosmetics in the form of preservatives. Research suggests that there
    may be some possibility of side effects when Parabens come into regular
    contact with the skin.Our wipes does not contain Parabens thus making
    our product 100% skin-friendly. Kolan Bath Wipes are 100% skin-friendly
    wipes. It is enriched with Aloe-Vera, Olive oil & Vitamin E. These
    ingredients cleanse &moisturizes your skin thoroughly that makes you
    feel refreshed & relaxed.

    What makes us unique
    • Made From 100% Natural Cellulose Fabric
    • Eco Friendly and Easy Disposal
    • Antibacterial
    • Aloe Vera, Olive Oil & Vitamin E
    • Free of Harmful Alcohol, Parabens and Rinse Free
    • Highly Absorbent Fabric (80 GSM)
    • Allows Ecologically Safe Disposal
    • Eliminates Bad Body Odours

    Kolan’s Mission
    • To save the planet for our future generations to enjoy. This will be achieved by raising public awareness to the benefits of using
    eco-friendly products.
    • To plan activities and events to educate the public to living a more sustainable lifestyle.
    • To make education more accessible for the financially disadvantaged.

    Steps to grab the offer for absolutely free first Kolan Bath Wipe
    • Visit Kolan Bath Wipes product page by clicking the link 'Kolan Bath wipes for complete Body Bath Enriched with Aloe vera & Vitamin E' (http://www.kolan.co.in/products/bath-wipes)
    • Once you reach the shopping cart page after adding Kolan bath wipes to your cart, enter coupon code "GETKOLAN" in the coupon code field.
    • Then click on the text "Apply coupon code"
    • Once you click on Apply coupon code your coupon code will be successfully applied, you only need to pay the shipping fees.


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