• Sin vs. Error

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    "It is essential that error be not confused with sin, and it is this distinction
    that makes salvation possible."
    - A Course in Miracles, Chapter 19, Section 2

    "Sin calls for punishment as error for correction, and the belief that punishment
    *is* correction is clearly insane."
    - A Course in Miracles, Chapter 19, Section 2

    "The Holy Spirit cannot punish sin. Mistakes he recognizes, and would correct them
    all as God entrusted him to do. But sin he knows not, nor can he recognize mistakes that cannot be corrected. For a mistake that cannot be corrected is meaningless to him. Mistakes are *for* correction, and they call for nothing else.
    What calls for punishment must call for nothing. Every mistake *must* be a call
    for love. What, then, is sin? What could it be but a mistake you would keep hidden; a call for help that you would keep unheard and thus unanswered?"
    - A Course in Miracles, Chapter 19, Section 3

    "When you are tempted to believe that sin is real, remember this: If sin is real,
    both God and you are not. If creation is extension, the Creator must have extended
    himself, and it is impossible that what is part of him is totally unlike the rest.
    If sin is real, God must be at war with himself. He must be split, and torn between good and evil; partly sane and partially insane. For he must have created
    what wills to destroy him, and has the power to do so. Is it not easier to believe that you have been mistaken than to believe in this?"
    - A Course in Miracles, Chapter 19, Section 3

    "If sin is real, it must forever be beyond the hope of healing. For there would be
    a power beyond God's, capable of making another will that could attack his will
    and overcome it; and give his Son a will apart from his, and stronger. And each
    part of God's fragmented creation would have a different will, opposed to his, and
    in eternal opposition to him and to each other."
    - A Course in Miracles, Chapter 19, Section 3

    "Freedom is the only gift you can offer to God's Sons, being an acknowledgment of
    what they are and what he is. Freedom is creation, because it is love."
    - A Course in Miracles, Chapter 8, Section 4

    Freedom is riches. Prohibition and oppression are impoverishment.

    "Whenever you become angry with a brother, for whatever reason, you are believing
    that the ego is to be saved, and to be saved by attack. If he attacks, you are
    agreeing with this belief; and if you attack, you are reinforcing it. *Remember that those who attack are poor*. Their poverty asks for gifts, not for
    further impoverishment. You who could help them are surely acting destructively if
    you accept their poverty as yours. If you had not invested as they had, it would
    never occur to you to overlook their need."
    - A Course in Miracles, Chapter 12, Section 3

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