• Banning Smoking In Public Does Not Solve The Smoking Problem

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    There are over 400,000 deaths due to smoking per year. This is insane. (Compare
    this to less than 200 deaths per year to massacres.) Banning smoking in public does not solve the problem, and violates my, and your, human, and civil rights. You're not wrong to smoke a cigarette! Regulation of commerce is the solution. Cigarettes should not be allowed to be sold in the checkout lanes, but ought to be
    sold out of sight, out of mind, and not as an impulse item. They should be in separate unmarked stores, or through a separate door to the supermarket, or at least in a special section that a shopper will not stumble across unless the shopper is deliberately looking for them. Selling cigarettes as an impulse item
    in the checkout lane is a sin! Because it is totally unnecessary. It takes an interest only in pure profit. Tobacco is not _FOR_ smoking. People are evilly,
    and erroneously, telling us, that tobacco _is_ for smoking! But it isn't wrong to
    smoke! Just obviously bad and unhealthy.

    Put warning labels on cigarettes, advising shoppers of the following:
    Poison. Not for recreational use. Not illegal to consume recreationally.

    Cigarettes shouldn't be marketed for recreation, nor commercially promoted for recreational purposes!

    Cigarette advertisements should be limited to magazines like Cigar Aficionado, and
    regulated so that they make only true statements. Such as: "Lower Tar."

    Before a commercial business engaged in profit through cigarette sale can sell cigarettes to someone, that person ought to have to pass a test on the dangers of
    cigarette smoking, advising them how stupid they are. It's not a crime to otherwise sell, just ticket the "business." Regulation of commerce is in the Constitution! Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3. This should be a civil, and not a
    criminal matter. At worst, if the business doesn't stop, it should at most, become like repossession of a car. Most businesses will stop.

    Smoking cigarettes is as stupid as inhaling glue. At least glue has warning labels, and is not commercially promoted as a recreation. My research suggests that apparently less than 1,000 people die to huffing per year. About one million
    people huff the dozens of paints and glues and solvents that can be used for this
    purpose. They are not wrong! They may be risking damage to their hearts, their
    kidneys, and their brains, which is obviously bad and unhealthy. Over fifty million people smoke cigarettes. Yes, that's right FIFTY MILLION. In addition to
    nearly 500,000 deaths, persistent cigarette smokers also risk serious damage to their health. I think the juxtaposition of the numbers related to huffing and cigarette smoking are stupefying, and speak for themselves. Review them again.

    If people want to smoke cigarettes, that is their civil, human, and unalienable right. But to allow the COMMERCIAL PROMOTION of this physically degenerative and
    destructive item, as a recreational activity, is shameful. Sort of like marketing
    soft drinks as athletic drinks; or alcohol, or tuna fish, as fit for pregnant mothers. Tuna Fish! Which has so much mercury, you're advised not to eat over half a can of it per week yourself! It's not negatively labeled either, and it probably shouldn't even be sold as food! It certainly is unfit for pregnant mothers. As is alcohol. And while people playing "Over The Line Baseball" may do
    so and get drunk, and while people going bowling do the same, commercially marketing alcohol for these purposes is deplorable! Why market alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, or any of the other drugs, you have a human right to use,
    as recreation?! Yes this is my point, moving towards the legalization of all drugs, in a sane manner. And if anyone has any good, intelligent, or ingenious ideas, we need them!

    "The Congress shall have the power to... regulate commerce with foreign nations,
    and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes."
    - U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3:

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