• Tennessee liberal charged with causing disturbance, huffing glue in pub

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    <https://media.wncn.com/nxs-wncntv-media-us-east- 1/photo/2018/05/04/Brian%20Zielinski%20WATE_15254 87952334.JPG_41695384_ver1.0_640_360.jpg>

    KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - A Knoxville, Tennessee man was
    arrested after causing a disturbance in Knoxvlle's Market Square
    after he was found to be huffing glue.

    A police report says Brian Zielinski, 29, was outside 4 Market
    Square Wednesday around 4:25 p.m. when a passerby flagged down
    officers saying he was behaving oddly. Officers told him to stop
    three times, but he refused and kept walking.

    Officers said Zielinski was speaking incoherently and appeared
    to be under the influence of an inhalant. The officers found two
    bottles of super glue in his pants pocket and a sunglass case
    containing two small light bulbs with a straw attached, which
    Zielinski said was for huffing glue.

    A small electronic scale with a crystal-like residue was found
    in Zielinski's bag.

    After he was handcuffed, the police report says Zielinksi tried
    to run from officers and had to be restrained on the ground. The
    report says he was yelling and screaming, telling officers to
    kill him. He was also hitting his head on the sidewalk.

    The report says he was creating a lot of noise, keeping people
    nearby from carrying on with their activities. He also,
    according to the report, started kicking officers while they
    were trying to put leg shackles on him.

    Zielinksi faces several charges including disorderly conduct,
    intoxication by inhalant, resisting and evading arrest.

    http://www.cbs17.com/news/south/tennessee-man-charged-with- causing-disturbance-huffing-glue-in-public-setting/1160562575

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