• Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Explained

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    In March 2015, Hillary Clinton publicly admitted that she used a
    private email server to handle all her official emails while
    Secretary of State. A little more than a year later, the FBI
    recommended against pursuing charges against Clinton.

    In between those two events, the scandal raised serious
    questions about why Clinton set up the private system in the
    first place, whether she knowingly sent or received classified
    material on her unsecured email system, whether she harmed
    national security, and whether she turned over all her work

    As the scandal unfolded, it became clear that Clinton had been
    misleading or dishonest about a number of claims she made to
    defend herself. She hadn't turned over all her work emails; she
    had sent and received highly classified documents; she never had
    approval from the State Department's IT experts for her set up.

    Even FBI director James Comey harshly criticized Clinton, saying
    she and her staff had been "extremely careless" in the handling
    of highly sensitive information and that it was "possible that
    hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton's personal e-
    mail account."

    The scandal continues to raise serious questions about Clinton's
    honesty and trustworthiness, since she was caught making several
    false claims as the scandal unfolded, and about her judgment.

    On Oct. 28, Comey dropped a bombshell by saying that, due to
    newly discovered emails, the FBI was revisiting the
    investigation he had said was closed back in July. Then just a
    week later on Nov. 6, Comey said his early decision stands, and
    the FBI will not recommend prosecution.

    The roller coaster news has had a marked shift in Hillary
    Clinton's standing in recent election polls, including the
    IBD/TIPP tracking poll.

    IBD has closely followed this scandal with numerous pieces on
    the editorial and commentary pages to track developments,
    provide insights, and help readers gain a better understanding
    of the nature and significance of this scandal amid a flurry of
    partisan barrages.


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