• California attempts to legislate on all Cannabis products!

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    Hi Readers and sometime typers,

    I picked up a card at SPARC which told me where I could register
    my objections to the legislation. I had not read the proposed regulations
    but you can read the proposed regulations at: <http://www.thecannabist.co/2017/05/01/california-medical-marijuana-regulations/78690/>

    And you can submit comments at <http://www.korovaedibles.com/>

    I submitted my comments before I read the onerous regulations.
    because I am a medical marijuana patient. This ill-considered
    regulation about dosing might make it impossible to for me to afford
    my medication. MediCal gives me no assistance on the cost of
    my cannabis. I spend about $50/month on edible chocolate that
    is 3 bars of 180 mg THC each which I cut into 16 pieces to last
    me a bit more than a week depending on pain levels.

    Other regulations proposed are equally ridiculous. I pointed
    out to them that they have failed despite numerous over-dose
    deaths to regulate as to the amount or dosages which may
    be sold of either alcohol nor aspirin.

    Well I hope you can use this information in a productive fashion.


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    It's time to correct the mistake:
    Truth:the Anti-drugwar <http://www.briancbennett.com>

    Cops say legalize drugs--find out

    Stoners are people too: <http://www.cannabisconsumers.org>

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