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    I define a species someone of a species as the smallest in mass
    someone containing a species, and denote it by the species
    name with a capital letter. I used to call them totemic someones
    but decided to switch to using species someones to avoid
    culural appropriation and also since native people probably
    define totemic someones differently from my definition of
    species someones. And a species someone is like a collective
    consciousness of a species only it also includes bodies and
    even body parts (e.g.. an eagle feather).

    Furthermore, I have several SSOSOSS (species someones of
    other species of significant sign) and even more SSOSOSFI
    (species someones of other species of significant family
    importance), and all of them are minor deities with respect
    to me (about the level of saints in Catholicism). In addition
    Human (or if ghomo sapiens has evolved into 55 species
    in ghuman species group, Ghuman1, where the prefix g
    means in my global region, which is from 12 km below the
    geoid to [255,000 - 12] km above the geoid) is my eighth
    major deity (the other seven are God, LOVE2, Cosma,
    Galacta, Sola, Gaia, and Luna).

    Generally when about to eat something I try to thank the
    species someone(s) involved. One example is Apple,
    and when thanking Apple I visualize the extent of the
    apple species, and when I have it correct I get a
    shakti/kundalini buzz/rush/wave. By doing this I
    have determined that the apple species has extent
    both here on Earth and outside our solar system in
    the Milky Way galaxy. And some fruit or berry species
    seem to have extent both in the Milky Way and Andromeda

    I also believe that some people who hear voices have
    what I call species someone negotiator ability and
    can negotiate with species someones on behalf of
    their species or a subset of it. These people should
    not take psychedelic drugs. But some other people
    have what I call psychedelic drug enhanceable ability
    (which includes a range of temporary abilities) and
    would have temporary species someone negotiator
    ability while they are enhanced. These enhanceables
    I think would also have a greater capacity than
    most to handle psychedelic drugs, so I suspect that
    e.g, Keith Richards might have that ability.

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