• New Home 4000 vs Kenmore 150

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    On Tuesday, April 4, 1995 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-4, Mary Jo Engleton wrote:
    I've been investigating various sewing machines for a new purchase. I
    had it narrowed down to Viking or New Home.

    As I was walking through Sears last Sunday I just happened to meander
    over to the sewing machines and there, much to my surprise, was a Kenmore 150 that is *exactly* <well, almost :-)> the same as the New Home 4000.
    The New Home has 99 stitches vs Kenmore's 81. New Home has an
    automatically adjusting tension vs Kenmore's manual. They're both manufactured by the Janome Sewing Machine Company.

    The New Home Price is $1120, the Kenmore price is $900...plus it's on
    sale this weekend at 10% or 15% off (the sales person wasn't sure which). That's a whopping $310 to $355 difference. I guess I'm having a problem justifying the New Home over the Kenmore.

    Does anyone out here in quilting land have any experience or knowledge of the Kenmore 1505?

    Mary Jo Engleton, Dayton, OH
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    Around 1977 or so I paid $700 for a Sear Kenmore Sewing Machine model 385.19150. It was a "tank". It came with a box of cams, various "feet" and it was a FANTASTIC machine! Last year, the "bobbin" winder started to not wind and the motor would not '
    turn'. I brought it into Sears, who sent it out for repairs. When it came back, the motor turned, but they did NOT fix the bobin winder. I brought it back. To my dismay, the associate who packed it for shipment to their repair vendor, did NOT PACK IT
    PROPERLY and I received a call after weeks of trying to find out where it was to find out "it was broken in shipment" and they could not 'fix' it. I was in the middle of making our Centennial Quilt and needed all those stitches. After many hours of
    looking for a replacement machine, I settled for a Janome which had most of the stitches I was using but not all. I can say I am not too happy with the Janome, compared to my vintage "tank". Janome uses a plastic bobbin and I see it does not "stay" in
    place. I have been looking for a replacement Kenmore 19150 but they are far and few between to find.
    I would not trade my 'tank' for any of the newer machines.

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