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    On Monday, October 14, 2002 at 12:12:24 PM UTC-4, Budrow69 wrote:
    Guy's I would like to know if one still can buy a (Jane Parker
    And if so where at? Does any know where the cake's are made, what
    A Nut Of a Fruitcake Lover In The Bule Grass State Of Kentucky,sure
    would like to find one or maybe just as to where one could lay there
    hands on a great slice,and talk about day's gone by!!!
    Later Days.

    Hello! I was searching through old blogs and came across your request for a Jane Parker Fruit Cake. Good news, this year, 2017 The Jane Parker Fruit Cake brand is back. We have recently purchased the brand and all of the original recipes from the A&P
    bankruptcy and are happy to say we are making this iconic fruit cake brand once again. You can see the full line of Jane Parker Fruit Cakes at www.janeparker.com

    Thank you!

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