• Two and 1/2 inch Squares

    From Julia in MN@21:1/5 to Bobbie Sews More on Tue Aug 1 18:28:04 2017
    Here's another idea for those 2-1/2 inch squares. This tutorial starts
    with 5" pre-cuts, but ends up with 2-1/2" pieces (2" finished). <https://quiltingtutorials.com/tutorial/katies-quilt-make-an-easy-quilt-with-precut-fabric>

    Julia in MN

    On 7/15/2017 12:27 PM, Bobbie Sews More wrote:

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    Hello Barbara,
    Thanks for your ideas to get rid of some of these 2 1/2 inch square
    and it just occurred to me that if I put sashing between them to
    separate the squares, thinking maybe a 9 square or even a 12 square
    would make a great quilt. I can probably make a couple of regular and
    crib quilts and even something for those cold nights here in the winter
    in Idaho.

    Good luck using all your smaller squares! I really like the idea of
    using sashing between the 8" squares, maybe a color to go with the rug
    or curtains?

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