• OT: fried chicken and hot chocolate

    From Brian Christiansen@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 27 07:01:52 2018
    I bought some chicken thighs and bread crumbs to make some fried
    chicken. I suppose when I get to it, that will be the ultimate test for
    my little make-shift dealio for my cast iron pan.

    It is getting cold enough here for me to occaionally drink hot drinks
    like hot cocoa or hot tea every once in a while. I know how to make
    real hot cocoa with milk, cocoa, and sugar and a little vanilla, but I
    usually do it the lazy way with Swiss Miss or whatever. On the Swiss
    Miss package, there were 2 suggested ways to jazz it up.

    The first was to add some cinnamon (1/8) teaspoon and about half that
    much chile powder. I suppose if you do not like hot stuff, you could
    just add the cinnamon, but I did not think that small an amount was very

    Their 2nd suggestion was to add a Tbsp of smooth peanut butter. They specifically suggested Peter Pan, but I think Jif, Skippy, stuff from
    the dollar store, or even homemade would work just fine. I thought I
    would put the peanut butter in, and would have a great big lump of PB
    sitting in the bottom of the cup, but it actually dissolved pretty quickly.

    To relate this post to quilting, at least a little, I think it would be
    a bad idea to drink hot cocoa (or tea or coffee or whatever) when
    quilting unless you have one of the spillproof commuter cups.
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