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    From Brian Christiansen@21:1/5 to All on Sun Mar 11 23:45:41 2018
    I am not a cosplayer, but I think about various costumes once in a
    while, and how I might make them.

    One of the costumes that I think about is the following: https://katiediazz.deviantart.com/art/Kyoshi-Warrior-Suki-158849818 from
    the cartoon "Avatar

    The drawing that I linked to is fan art, but it is actually better at
    isolating a Kyoshi warrior than any actual pictures from the show.

    Going from the inside to the outside, below the green belt in the center:

    I once found a turorial on youtube on how to make "cosplay boots," but I
    think I would probably go with the best I could do from a thrift store
    like Goodwill or just wear my hiking boots.

    For the dark green skirt, which is actually a hakama (or at least every cosplayers I have found online for the Kyoshi warriors interprets this
    as a hakama, or divided skirt), I know 2 different ways of making a
    Hakama. One is much easier and uses only 2 yards of material, and the
    other way is much more difficult and uses 5 yds. of material, if I
    recall correctly. For a costume, I think I would use the method that
    only uses 2 yards.

    For the light green "skirt cover," I think that is just a big rectangle
    of material that has a "waist tie" sewn onto it.

    For the dark green "groin protector," which is called a "tare," I
    actually own a set of kendo armour, so I would use the one I already
    have as a template to make one. Or I might just be lazy and use the one
    I already own, except the one I own is dark blue rather than dark green
    like in the picture.

    This costume is quite evidently based on traditional Japanese clothing,
    and traditional Japanese clothing is made with ties at the waist, but I
    might be a thoroughly modern Millie and use elastic in the waistbands so
    things don't get too bulky with a bunch of knots for each of the above 3

    Going from the inside to the outside above the green belt:

    The "blouse" is just a keikogi: https://www.e-bogu.com/Shoaizome-8000-Hakama-Kendo-Keikogi-HALF-PRICE-p/ebo-com-hak-single8000-all.htm
    and I have a pattern for that, but I would have to make the sleeves long.

    For the gauntlets, what I would do is just make a square of material
    that is about 1 ft (30cm) by 1 ft. and put a row of buttonholes each
    side and lace it onto my arm kinda like a pair of boots. Or I might
    again be a thoroughly modern Millie and attempt to use either velcro or elastic.

    As for the gloves, I would probably just purchase some black gardening
    gloves from the hardware store or even the dollar store.

    For the makeup, I once found a turorial on YouTube on how to do that makeup.

    As for the "helmet," I would get someting like the paper crowns they
    give little kids at Burger King (or just get a piece of cardstock and
    make my own) and decorate it up like in the picture.

    The only thing that I am not certain about making is the armour above
    the waist.

    On the show it moves more like a sort of heavy leather jacket rather
    than actual armour, so my best idea so far is to take an "armpit
    t-shirt" and strip piece either some leather or craft foam to it. I
    might take apart the tshirt, then strip piece the leather and/or craft
    foam, then sew it back up.

    On other topics, I have drawn another strip in my yonkoma. When I first started drawing this particular entry, my male character looked like
    Hitler, and that made me get away from it. It was an easy fix, I just
    removed the mustache.

    In the last panel of my new entry, Rion, the female character, has an exasperated look, and that turned out much better than I thought it would.

    The address of my yonkoma is: https://www.flickr.com/photos/brian0908/albums/72157680223526176.

    I have also put some new pictures on my Flickr page, in the albums "sexy villainesses," "more anime pictures," and "my creations." The address
    of the "index" page for my albums is https://www.flickr.com/photos/brian0908/albums

    Brian Christiansen.

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