• Heat n bond question?

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    On Wednesday, May 10, 2000 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, Lenora C wrote:
    OK I am looking at this site and they have instructions on heat and
    bond method appliqué, http://home.flash.net/~cddesign/FreezerPaper/How-Fusible.htm
    Although I have use other fusible products I have never used heat n
    bond. On this site it says that you bond the appliqué to the fabric but
    it does not say you turn the edges of your fabric under in any way. I
    have always either turned my edges under or satin or blanket stitched
    them. They way this makes it sound is you do not do any thing to the
    edges you just bond it to the fabric and that is that. Did I miss
    something or is this a mistake? Is there a method where you leave your appliqué edges raw?


    Heat bond lite works good, but DONT use the ultra if you are planning on machine sewing your applique. I did this when I first started appliqueing, thinking that the ultra hold would be better. Yes it holds great but you will have to change needles every
    10 minutes, as it clogs the heck out of the needles. personally glue stick is my personal favorite way of holding my applique in place while I am sewing it to my project

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  • From sandydollar2015@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sun Feb 18 08:07:30 2018
    You can buy this heat and bond at Wal-mart as I use it all the time. You apply it to the back of the fabric, then heat it with an iron, pull off paper and then applique it. Don't think it would work for turning under but works good for blanket
    stitch or zig zag.

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