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    Malayalam Gunapada Kathakal PDF: മലയാളം ഗുണപാഠ കഥകൾ പി.ഡി.എഫ്
    Malayalam Gunapada Kathakal PDF is a collection of stories that teach moral values and life lessons to children. These stories are based on the ancient Indian tradition of gunapada, which means "the way of virtues". Gunapada stories are also known as
    panchatantra stories, as they are derived from the famous Sanskrit work of the same name.

    Malayalam gunapada kathakal pdf
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    Malayalam Gunapada Kathakal PDF contains stories that are simple, entertaining, and educational. They feature animals, birds, humans, and mythical creatures as the main characters. The stories have a universal appeal and can be enjoyed by people of all
    ages and cultures. Some of the popular stories in this collection are:

    കുരങ്ങന്റെ കുറ്റം: The Monkey's Fault
    കുരുവിയുടെ സ്നേഹം: The Dove's Love
    കോഴി മുട്ട: The Hen's Egg മൂക്കു മൂട്ട: The Blind Mice
    മൃഗ രാജ: The Lion King
    മുൻ പ്രേത വ്യൂഹ: The Ghost Trap
    വെള്ള തോൽ കുತ്ത: The Crocodile Bite
    വ്യാக്ര സ്നേഹ: The Tiger's Friendship
    and many more...

    Malayalam Gunapada Kathakal PDF is a valuable resource for parents, teachers, and students who want to learn and teach Malayalam language and literature. It is also a great way to instill moral values and wisdom in children. You can download Malayalam
    Gunapada Kathakal PDF from the link below and enjoy reading these wonderful stories.

    Download Malayalam Gunapada Kathakal PDF here

    One of the most famous Malayalam gunapada stories is the story of the donkey and the horse. This story teaches us to be content with what we have and not to be greedy or jealous of others. The story goes like this:

    There was a farmer who had a donkey and a horse. The donkey worked hard all day, carrying heavy loads and doing other chores. The horse was used only for riding and was well-fed and groomed. The donkey envied the horse's life and wished he could be like

    One day, the farmer had to go to a faraway place and decided to take the horse with him. He loaded the horse with a lot of luggage and set off. The donkey was left behind in the stable, feeling happy and relieved. He thought he could enjoy a day of rest
    and leisure.

    However, soon he realized that he had nothing to do and no one to talk to. He felt bored and lonely. He missed the horse's company and his work. He realized that his life was not so bad after all and that he had a purpose and a friend.

    Meanwhile, the horse was having a hard time on the road. He had to carry a heavy load and walk for a long time. He felt tired and thirsty. He wished he could be back in the stable with the donkey. He realized that his life was not so great after all and
    that he had a burden and a responsibility.

    The farmer returned after a few days with the horse. The donkey was overjoyed to see him and ran to greet him. The horse was also happy to see him and thanked him for bringing him back. The donkey and the horse hugged each other and apologized for their
    envy and resentment. They realized that they were both valuable and needed each other. They decided to live in harmony and friendship from then on.

    This story teaches us that we should be grateful for what we have and not compare ourselves with others. We should also appreciate our friends and help each other. We should not judge anyone by their appearance or status, but by their character and deeds.

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