• Swedish Weaving (again)

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    The online groups may have dispersed to other places - maybe Facebook.

    SW is also known as 'huck' - but is done with yarn on Monk's cloth 7 stitches per inch with a blunt needle or flat bobkin, while huck is done with floss or perle cotton and a blunt needle on Aida or huck fabric.

    Both are stitched ONLY through the floats of each fabric - nothing is on the back of the fabric. (on Monk's cloth, there will be a sort of embossed effect)

    It's easy - and fun. Start with a small piece of fabric if doing Monk's cloth - or with a prefinished item that has Aida. NOTE: Monk's cloth must be prewashed *after* the edges are zigzagged. It frays A LOT.

    The technique is the same.

    Look up SandrasStitches for her gorgeous designs - and Nettie is also a great source.

    The Internet will bring up lots of people from around the world showing their own special techniques.

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