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    On Thu, 11 Jun 1998 12:12:47 +0200, Michel Hofinger wrote:
    -- Rohament P is sold by :

    Farma Import
    Burg. heymansplein 45
    B-3581 Beverlo
    Tel. +32 11 401408
    Fax. +32 11 347359
    Email Bart Balis at bba...@ibm.net
    mailorder and wholesale

    I still haven't found a seller of Rohament P in North America, but I
    did get some information from Farma Import in Belgium. They sell it
    in 25 g, 100g and 1 kg sizes. A 25 g package costs 95 BEF (about
    $3.75 Cdn), and the shipping charge to Canada would be 455 BEF (abt
    $18.00 Cdn) by standard mail or 545 BEF (abt $21.50 Cdn) by airmail.
    Here's a copy of the e-mail from Farma, with ordering info ...
    We do indeed supply Rohament P, wich is a highly concentrated pectolytic >enzyme.
    Dosage : 1 - 2 gr / 10 kg of fruit/juice.

    There are 3 possible packings :
    ref. content price
    --- -------- ------
    003.073.4 25 gr 95 BEF
    003.075.9 100 gr 306 BEF
    003.077.5 1 kg 2775 BEF

    Postal charges to Canada would be :
    455 BEF up to 1 kg and 675 BEF up to 5 kg for standard mail
    545 BEF up to 1 kg and 930 BEF up to 5 kg for airmail.

    Payment can be done via credit card.

    If you want to place an order, just email or fax us the order and your >credit card details.
    Goods available from stock. Order will be shipped within a few days after >receipt of order.

    Best regards,
    Bart Balis
    Farma Import / Brewferm products
    Burg. Heymansplein 45
    B-3581 Beverlo - Belgium
    Tel. +32-
    Fax. +32-
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    Just read this. I was Googling rohament-p. I agree with the enthusiastic comments. I made a delicious apple wine that did not really taste "appleish" at all. The special thing about rohament-p is that it breaks down the cellulose so well that you just
    have to cut the apple into quarters, leave them in a bucket for a few days with just enough water to float the apples and the added enzyme. No cider press required. The result is that all the pulp falls to the bottom, producing a very nice juice. Once
    you have the juice separated you sterilize it then 48 hours later, add the yeast. You can make cider or apple wine, and stop the fermentation when you're satisfied with the resulting flavour.

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