• I grow Buffaloes in southern Ok. Hope to make wine this year. Am I delu

    From Philip@21:1/5 to All on Sun Mar 31 14:54:02 2019
    I’m in south central Oklahoma. My Buffaloes will be in their 4th year. The last 2 years have filled my shelves with a very good light purple jelly. Buffaloes are a great selection. The climate here is very fungal. The buffalos produce great where others can’t. Even a better grape than concord. If I get the crop I got last year I hope to try my hand at Buffalo wine. Wine making is in my blood here. Possum grapes. Mustang grapes. Hard plums. Grew up with it
    so it’s just natural to try the buffalos. They have a high sugar content and a great grape flavor so they should do well. Searched everywhere and no one tries Buffalo grape wine. Have you heard of it? Regardless if you are fed up with grape failures give the Buffalo a chance.


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