• Mold on cider

    From janetallen1@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 3 12:13:09 2015
    Hello. I am laughing at your style. And you have reassured me some what, re my own apple juice. I made a press, used only untreated apples, cut and pressed the juice. I have currently 11 litres in clear plastic bottles. The juice was brown and so
    refreshing. I covered the lids with a piece of muslin, to prevent fruit fly. It's been eight days now and I have foam on top and sediment on the bottom. One of the bottles has green/blue mould on it. Now I have eaten mould on fruits before, with no ill
    effect. I will be getting glass demijohns tomorrow. Should I avoid the foam and mould in the racking process and the sediment a the bottom of bottles. Or should I stirr it up first. Or skim of blue/green mould. There is nothing but apple juice in bottles,
    ie no additives or chemicals. I am trying to make organic cider. Any advice on the next step would be welcomed. Thank you.

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