• I just got a huskylock 550D And it is locked up and needles won't m

    From BEI Design@21:1/5 to Micky V on Thu Oct 22 23:56:48 2015
    Micky V wrote:

    I would like to help, but I just searched Husqvarna.com for
    "Huskylock 550D" and got "No Results Found". I am going to assume it
    is a serger/overlocker. (I have two Huskylock sergers, a 910 and a

    I do not know your machine, so here are some ideas off the top of my

    Does the power come on (did the light go on?)?

    Can you move the flywheel by hand?

    Did you check the manual under "troubleshooting" to see if that
    problem is addressed?

    If it's an older machine, it may require serious cleaning and
    oiling. The manual may provide instructions for doing this or you
    may have to take it to a service technician.

    If it has air-threading (and again, I do not know your machine, but
    I have a coverstitch machine which uses air-threading for the
    looper), there is a gizmo which has to be moved into position for
    the air-threading to take place, which locks the needles (and
    looper), you have to move it back into the normal position to sew.

    Sorry I cannot help more.


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