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    Hi, hope this post finds everyone in the best of health and happiness. I do own a lot of sites and 85% to 90% goes to give others a helping hand and who in this life at least once didn't need a helping hand of some sort or another. Right? but my www.
    modestbarbieclothes.com ONLY Has 200 doll outfit choices so far but will have 1500 by 10/31. NOW TO THE MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION I WANT TO IMPART ABOUE SEWING MACHINESFOR TINY SPACES I know the sergers or something like that can sew tiny pieces and
    easily. write me tsveah(a)gmail.com and remind me to research that question (I am a data miner) it means I do extensive research on almost any subject till I find every minute detail.so remind me of your concern in my email. tsveah@gmail.com and give me
    1 to 2 weeks and I will also research which one is the best quality for a good price in other words out of 100 of them the first four might be in order of quality and performance but not price but the 5th one is still amazing but half the price. I am
    also a collector of consumer reports and follow which company's that build all sorts of sewing machines and also can easily maneuver in tiny spaces. so write me and let me know any details I need to know so I find what U need. be well, many blessings and
    if you can pass on my site to others because I help everyone and right now Christmas and Hanukkah are coming and I just finished with the eid toy drives to.

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    On Monday, January 22, 1996 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-5, Corinne Goeke wrote:
    My household is just entering Barbia-mania. My four year has 5 Barbies
    now and keeps asking for a "Barbie-He". And I'll never forget my Mom
    making my Barbie and I matching outfits...black shorts with a red
    bandana print top (Remember Mom?).

    Anyway, has anyone out there seen any patterns for making Barbie-size furniture? This past summer I saw some Barbie furniture that a little
    girl's grandmother had made. It was a minature version of the
    foam/cloth couches and chairs you see around these days. The chair can unfold into a bed. It goes together something like this bad ASCII
    picture of the side view of a chair you are about to see...the three
    foam blocks are cloth covered, and mating seams make the "hinge".

    | |
    -------- <----- Hinge
    | |
    Hinge --> --------
    | |

    I could probably work up something on my own, but time is short
    these days. TIA!

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