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    From Krystal@21:1/5 to All on Tue Dec 24 20:02:28 2019
    Dear Reader,
    Competition can get cutthroat in affiliate marketing … but each week & month,
    it’s the same few people making most of the commissions.

    How do they keep doing it?

    By turning offers from ‘good’ to ‘irresistible’.
    SPECIFICALLY, with powerful bonus pages & custom bonuses that turn more traffic into more commissions.

    It’s ALL about putting the ‘sizzle’ into the steak …
    When you do that … your commissions go thru the roof.

    Turn up the HEAT on your affiliate commissions now!

    This cloud-based software & system is everything you need to skyrocket your commissions.

    - Push-button software creates compelling bonus pages with all the bells & whistles
    - Collection of over 100 premium bonuses you can give away to increase conversions
    - 15+ DFY affiliate campaigns ‘copy & paste’ ready to go: including product,
    custom bonuses & page, EVEN email swipes
    - Step-by-step training on everything INCLUDING how to get free traffic

    There’s a lot more inside - but what’s most exciting is the results even beginners
    are cranking out with this method.

    See proof for yourself here!

    This revolutionary system combines buyer psychology, PROVEN marketing
    methods & automation to take YOUR affiliate commissions to the next level.

    I wouldn’t consider running another promo without it.

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