• pear bragget

    From rb@21:1/5 to All on Sat Jul 8 19:47:57 2017
    Posted this on RCB but as it ticks the boxes for mead making, thought
    I'd throw it in here as well.

    I am after suggestions for a pear bragget. What proportions to use.
    Anyone made a pear bragget?
    I've got a couple of kilos of honey, some 14.9% aa galaxy hop pellets.
    Was thinking some hops, honey, light malt extract and pear juice all
    mixed together might make something interesting.
    Thinking barley wine strength.

    Now have to figure out proportions.
    Batch size would be ~15 litres.
    I juice my own pears which I let get nice and ripe - a straight perry
    made this way is around 6% abv.

    Yeast options:
    Coopers ale yeast
    Safale SO4
    Lalvin K1 V1116
    Lalvin 71B 1122
    Lalvin D47

    It's just past middle winter so ambient in the laundry is anywhere
    between 4-16 C.

    I'm leaning toward Lalvin 71B 1122 as it has played nice with previous
    perries at low temps.
    Nothing is exactly as it seems.
    Nor is it otherwise.

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