• Painting on glass and other mediums

    From Starshine@21:1/5 to All on Mon Aug 19 08:14:57 2019
    Hello, I am looking for the best supplies for painting on glass, CDs / DVDs, rocks and other mediums.

    For reference, here are a few YouTube videos of what I am interested in doing. In the description section of these YouTube videos, materials are listed. However they appear to be only available in India. As I am new to this, I am looking for the American
    equivalent of these materials.

    Here are the YouTube links:




    This is a list of I believe that I need (what do you recommend as the best for these materials that I can purchase in the United States?) Are there any other materials that are not listed below that I need?

    Glass paints - multi colors
    Glass liners (for painting the shapes / edges to be filled in) - multi colors Modge Podge - or something else to cover the paint once it is dry to protect it and / or make it more glossy
    Paint brushes for glass paints, watercolors, for painting on rocks (what type of paint is best for painting on rocks?)

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