• contacting Paper-Cutting Guild of America?

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    On Sunday, August 21, 1994 at 3:05:18 PM UTC-4, Ralf Brown wrote:
    My mom asked me to track down a phone number or mailing address for the Paper-Cutting Guild of America. Does anyone on this group know about this organization?

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    The website for The Guild of American Papercutters is:

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    On Monday, August 22, 1994 at 6:57:47 PM UTC-4, VSA...@delphi.com wrote:
    The Guild of American Paper Cutters can be reached at:
    GAP Harris
    514 East Main Street
    Annville, PA 17003-1511

    Their newsletter is wonderful, and they also sponsor workshops,
    trips to museums, et cetera. Although I have not been able to
    attend either of them, those who did have said that they were

    I hope that this helps!

    This is an old address. Go to papercutter.org to get current info.

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