• Fret knots for nylon monofilament

    From Jack Campin@21:1/5 to All on Mon Feb 15 21:24:33 2016
    I have an Afghan/Kashmiri rubab:


    but the fourth fret on mine (probably made in Afghanistan) has
    been removed - Kashmiri practice is to use only three frets, and
    I got mine from a Kashmiri living in Britain (it may have been
    used for Sikh devotional music).

    I'm more interested in Afghan style so I'd like to put that fret
    back. The frets are nylon monofilament, tied with a knot I can't
    identify and locked in place by melting (they're the blobs you can
    see along the top of the neck in the final shot in that video).
    Anybody know where I can find out about nylon monofilament fret

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