• Mystic Stamp Company bastards!

    From torin.cowles@baesystems.com@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jan 4 15:34:50 2017
    I have dealt with Mystic often. Yes, their prices are inflated from what the actual value is, but when I have bought older/rarer stamps from them I have almost always got very nice specimens, either equal to or above the quality I expected. I am always
    left with high confidence that I am getting what I ordered. Yes, their marketing can be annoyingly aggressive, but what they send out is the real McCoy. True, if you receive anything unsolicited in the mail you are under no obligation by law to pay. Keep
    what you got and tell them to stop and they will. They are fully aware of the law and are not in business to give things away, but there are enough morons out there who dutifully send them money that ghey find this practice profitable in the long run.
    Whatever they lose they simply write off, yet if you are a serious collector and have half a brain you can trust them.

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