• Do someone know how to contact Tracy Barber either physically or by mai

    From jcwky72@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Wed Nov 30 10:29:19 2016
    Could someone please help me get into contact with Tracy Barber from USA, if I remember well he is very knowledgeable on computer programming, he is also a stamps collector.
    I used to trade stamps with him some years ago. I don't see any posts by him in this group any more. I hope that he is still among us and in good health.Pleaselet me know either by responding to this message or contact me by my email.Preferably both way,
    as I don't know if the moderator will delete this message or not.

    Tracy if you read this please get in contact with me, my email is jcwky72 at gmail

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