• Tinkering with Art on Postal Stamps

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    One day in 1871 a model failed to appear, so the young James A. McNeill Whistler turned to his mother and suggested that he do her portrait instead.
    At first he had her stand, but that proved too tiring to her, and so the
    famous seated pose was adopted.

    The work of art traveled America in a 13-city tour during the Great
    Depression, which included the 1933 Chicago World's Fair. It was defined as
    a universal icon of motherhood by the worldwide public.

    In public recognition of its status and popularity, the United States issued
    in 1934 a postage stamp that commemorated and honored the American mothers. Unfortunately, Whistler's original painting was tinkered with and the stamp
    was then largely criticized by the true art lovers. A framed painting was removed from the wall and a bowl of flowers was added to the left down
    corner .


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