• How to package stamps for postage?

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    I'm planning to list many international stamps made for Ausipex 84
    individually on Ebay (Australia). They were stock from a deceased
    relative who bought them for resale as part of his collectables

    I'm not a stamp collector myself, so what I'm not sure about is how
    they should be sent. In an envelope inside a folded piece of paper?
    Should it be grease paper (such as used on peel-off stickers) so
    that the stamp doesn't stick to it if the envelope is left in a
    letterbox on a damp morning? Should a stiff piece of card be used
    to discourage folding by the postman (tricky while keeping it
    within the 5mm maximum thickness for regular letters in Australia)?

    Most sheets aren't worth more than two or three AUD, so it wouldn't
    be worth getting too elaborate, but I don't want lots of negative
    feedback and refund demands from buyers either.

    I intend to pre-package all the stamps and stamp sheets so that I
    don't have to worry about fumble-fingering them after they sell.
    All the ones that I do fumble-finger and thereby damage will become
    the start of my own new stamp collection. :)

    Also if anyone here might be interested in buying a few, let me
    know and I can put photos on the web and supply a link here. I can
    post internationally.

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