• Abusive stamps and Coronavirus

    From Victor Manta@21:1/5 to All on Tue Mar 17 13:25:36 2020
    There are two categories of countries that issue harmful stamps.

    Some, on whose behalf postage stamps are issued by anonymous producers,
    without the approval of the respective countries. These are (rarely)
    denounced at the UPU by the damaged countries and appear in the UPU
    Circulars of illegal stamps.

    Others are issued with the approval of some postal administrations (usually from poor countries) and distributed by private agents (such as Stamperija)
    in huge quantities, far exceeding the postal needs of the respective
    countries. They are called abusive.

    Here is a recent example of advertising for abusive stamps:

    1. No quarantine for the stamp-collecting:

    Many collectors are required to stay home because of the quarantine imposed
    by their governments which may become boring. Don't forget that this is the right time to open your stamp albums, to browse and check your stamp collections and inventory. - The best remedy against quarantine-tedium is stamp-collecting!

    2. Quarantine is a good time for stamp shopping: Printing offers 20-30% discount for those who are quarantined and all their supporters!
    Offer is valid for any stamps or FDC dated 2003-2016. Offer is valid until
    30th April 2020 or until further notice.

    As a philatelist friend from Canada recently wrote to me: "These xxxxxxxx
    even benefit from the pandemic !!!"

    Victor Manta, PWO

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