• postage stamps???

    From magizian@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sat May 14 12:16:12 2016
    hey idiot,.. ..we're not even printing our own postage stamps here.. ..goto local u.s. federal post office, notice 99% of postage stamps available are clearly british, and the other sheet is obviously japaneese.. and it's all really cheap pop shït,..
    say "hi." to the other idiot behind the desk. I think I'm adapting to british occupation and it's japaneese counter-response in america which has been turning it into a small china, better than anyone else actually. However, the effects of such are
    unavoidable.. The "occupy" project was started by the british misinformation network also known as "The CIA" in order to feed "townies" and "hippies" to "The Police". Although they don't like seeing it that way, the police are the only who work against
    the survival/existance of the american citizens. This has been seen and felt by many, mostly by individuals that wont convert to being people only china would want, or are already such. Or maybe you don't believe they are freaks about city control.. ..
    perhaps you believe you can start a pot dispensary they don't shut down or that you can have alot of pot outloud and they won't steal it and sell it through their dispensaries.. ..in which case, please ignore this message entirely,.. ..I understand
    completely, and, I'm really hungry.. very malnurished, which they understand,.. ..and if you do receive advice from me, and choose to be that which only china wants,.. they would agree you deserve it. I'm probably going to vote for jeb bush u.s. pres..
    not because I believe he is even a decent canidate, nor from a belief that voting changes anything ever... I'd do so because the math says y'all always vote buddhist no matter what. ...and I think most of you believe that all the good seats are reserved
    for cows, goldfish, and giraffe,.. ..and that making your own seat is a waste of time, and are looking for something wealthy and powerful to sell out to, which you believe can exist and could want you, and would pay... I'm very hungry right now. ..in
    case your wondering, the thing refered to as "The System" equals british occupation and japan's counter-response involves copying it, making a few changes, and feeding it back to them. I'd get into that more, but anything british trying to study anything
    japaneese gets abberation off it. Taiwan is america's only ally. ~ Dr. Hunter Reon Barnes, King of Poland (magizian.bshellz.net)

    eh,.. I've shaken you up, cool.. ..now I'm shaking you down. ...I'm gonna need you to take cash fromout your various pockets and send it to:

    Hunter Reon Barnes 404 N. Mount Shasta blvd. #159 Mount Shasta, Ca 96067

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